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UES London

At UES London we specialise in US university admissions. We cover all aspects of the process, from choosing colleges, through managing the applications, to writing the essays and getting accepted. We also provide expert private tuition and courses for the SAT and ACT admissions tests. These exams can be quite daunting – they are of a very different style to anything you might have seen before. However, our tutors pride themselves on understanding exactly what it takes to get top scores and how to get students well on their way to gaining places at top institutions. They have passed the tests with full marks and know them inside and out, and have been chosen for their ability to help students enjoy their preparation, get to grips with the content, and above all do well on exam day. UES London are partnered with the Fulbright Commission, and work with top schools all over the UK to provide in-school and remote help and advice.

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