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ieweek mission & foundations connects UK students with international universities because there is a growing interest amongst UK students to study abroad.

There is also a demand from employers across the globe to have employees who are well qualified and carry the skills to work in a global economy, therefore students need global competencies!

The following framework will support for years to come.

Ethics - action based

Research on and discussion of international education with the view to take appropriate action to address the gap in careers education and guidance.

Diversity - each individual is unique

An understanding of and respect for the similarities and differences of others will drive the international education week campaign.

Global issues - locally connected, globally minded.

The campaign aims to bridge the gap between UK students and the rest of the world. Therefore, the foundations of the campaign will seek to help students understand their place in a global context through creative careers education and events.

Community - creating a reliable community

The campaign aims to build and maintain a community working in collaboration to help UK students find their way in the world.

Service - adding value

Where new airline companies are created the only thing to do better is to provide better user experience. The campaign aims to provide a world leading experience and service to all those involved.

Our campaign

We will proactively:

  • Promote international education opportunities as a next step for sixth form and colleges students in the UK
  • Support the professional development of careers advisers across the UK
  • Run International Education Week in the UK - the offical campaign in the UK for international education 
  • Support schools and colleges across the UK in helping educate students, parents, and teachers so that students can make informed decisions about their education overseas 

If you are a Student looking for overseas study...

If you are a UK student looking for an international education then get in touch with us and share your story via email on

If you are a University looking to be involved...

If you are an international university looking to get involved then please get in touch on

If you are a careers adviser...

If you are a careers adviser / co-ordinator in need of further guidance on how to provide careers EAIG then please email us on

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