IE University

IE University is an international university based in Spain, with an urban, city campus in Madrid and a historic and cultural campus in Segovia, which is twenty minutes north of Madrid.

All of our degree programs are taught in English but students have the opportunity to learn some Spanish during their time with us.

We offer degrees in Business, International Relations, Law, Architecture, Communication, Psychology, Information Systems Management, Design, Politics, Law & Economics (PLE) as well as three dual degrees through which students can study two degrees at the same time.

Students have the freedom to personalize their education in the final two years of education through electives and advanced seminars. Our students also gain real work experience though IE Labs and internships with companies worldwide as part of their course and can even go on exchange with one of our partner 110 universities which are all over the world.

With over 100 nationalities making up our student body, IE University students bring their own international experience to the classroom and actively learn from each other as well as their professors.

Our programs are continuously present in world rankings; as well as being among the top 30 universities for global employability by International New York Times.

Check out their website here for more information

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