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Humber College


So I am heading to the airport with an opportunity to visit Humber College before I fly out at 4pm!

When I got out of my taxi the first thing I noticed with Humber is the sheer size of its main building on the north campus. It’s pretty impressive, in fact the whole campus is impressive!

Take a look at the picture below of their main building.

I was lucky to catch up with Callum for lunch. Callum is a member of the international team at the College, he very kindly gave me a tour and an overview. I learned that the college is one of Ontario’s 24 colleges. Its broad mission is to provide learners of all kinds with access to opportunities for post-secondary education within Ontario’s publicly funded higher education system. For a 50 year old College there was a strong sense of tradition and an appreciation for innovation.

The College is primarily made up of the following academic areas: Applied Technology; Business; Creative & Performing Arts; Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism; Liberal Arts & Sciences; Media Studies & Information Technology; School of Health Sciences and Social & Community Services. There are courses from Architecture Technology to Photography. A full undergraduate course listing can be found here.

There are three campuses spread throughout Toronto, the one which I visited was the north campus next door to the airport and then there is Lakeshore situated on Lake Ontario which primarily houses postgraduates. There is a third campus, much smaller, specialising in programmes like Nursing situated in Dufferin, Northwest of Toronto.

What really impressed me at Humber was its emphasis on Global Citizenship. The Global Citizenship Certificate is a cross-college, multi-disciplinary program designed to accommodate enrolled students from all areas of the College. The overarching aim is to provide students with the skills and competencies needed to work in the global economy. You can find out more about their global citizenship programme here. Well worth a look!

With more than 215,000 alumni and 50 years of experience, Humber offers a wide range of high-quality educational options and experiences to students. Well worth checking out, especially if you want your education to be part of a community focusing on its global impact.

Yes, Humber is a College, but they do offer undergraduate and postgraduate study opportunities of equal value for internationals!

I am about to leave Canada but I somehow I know I'll be back!

International Education Week is a platform that aims to connect UK Students with universities outside the UK. It is the first official week dedicated to studying overseas. Look out for our event dates in the 2017/18 academic year.

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