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Brock University

Niagara region - a short 1.5 hours from Toronto!

My next stop is Brock University, located in the historic Niagara region. If there were ever a single reason to study here, Niagara would be it! Niagara is beautiful! Take a look at my picture taken looking at the Canadian horseshoe falls.

At Brock, there are over 18,000 students in seven diverse Faculties, including the Faculties of education, humanities, social sciences, applied health sciences, graduate studies, mathematics and sciences, the Goodman school of business, and the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts. A full listing of their programmes can be found here.

Their degree programs are designed with the future in mind and a focus on your career with co-op and service learning options that provide maximum exposure to your chosen field of study. Brock provides one of the largest and most diverse co-op programmes in Canada and offers the only Psychology Co-op programme in Canada! Co-op is essentially a paid work placement lasting anywhere from 12 - 20 months with a average wage of $20 per hour.

It was at Brock where the penny dropped. I had been touring Canada for a couple of weeks and noticed talented people in every corner, in every bar / restaurant, theatres buzzing with live entertainment and I had asked myself “why is everyone so talented”? or at least it felt as though everyone had their talent. Brock’s facilities for the arts, the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine Arts seemed to create this. It is their new 97,000 square-foot building for the arts and is a dynamic hub of creative and intellectual activity. The investment Brock has made is second to none. New facilities of this scope mean exceptional opportunities, especially given their emphasis on praxis, where creativity and research support a unique learning environment. It isn’t just a centre for students who study the arts, it’s open to the local community.

Brock University offers an academic experience that’s second to none, situated in a beautiful setting. Its location is so special that it has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. So if you like areas of natural beauty then Brock is for you!

I fully encourage you to explore Brock here.

Heading back to Toronto where I’ll visit Humber College, the final stop on my tour in Canada!

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